Who are we ?

We are a group of people who are worried about the fact that FIAT currencies have expanded their own money supply beyond all reason in order to save a few outdated banks.

We believe in a sound monetary policy, one that does not include debasement for political expediency

Discover why Bitcoin and Ethereum will kill the US Dollar and the Euro in the long run. 

Get in before it's too late. 

Absolute safety

Because there are 21 million BTC in total, it can never be debased 


Bitcoin and Ether are accepted in all countries, no paper currency can make this claim.

Private Banking

With Crypto, you are private banking from your own pocket. There's nothing safer.


Own and control your own wallet, on our protected servers or at home.

The facts about cryptos so far

These two numbers must be kept in mind at all times


95% Of Investors have made a profit 

Historically 95% of crypto coins investors have made a profit, making loosing money very rare in this space so far.


80% of ICO's fail

more than 80% of all new ICO's fail. Don't buy just one!

Ease of use

Most people don’t want to learn cryptography or coding in order to use web based currencies, we provide an easy to use wallet for you to transfer your coins any time, any place, at a click’s distance

We have developed the technology to allow you to buy and sell coins right on our site, very quickly, easily and without any additional fees for you. We only charge you 1% of your net profits and a 0.05% transaction fee.